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Vendor Information

Hunterdon Healthcare System (“Hunterdon”) is committed to conducting business legally and ethically, and we require business partnerships with vendors to reflect a shared commitment to ethical and legal behavior.  Information contained in this section covers various topics related to Hunterdon Healthcare System’s standards for vendor compliance.

Vendors Wishing to Do Business with Hunterdon

Parties interested in becoming new vendors to Hunterdon Healthcare System must complete a registration @ https://registersupplier.ghx.com/reg/network/vendor/

Medical products being reviewed by (introduced to) Hunterdon’s Clinical Staff must be discussed with Materials Management and approved by Hunterdon’s Value Analysis Committee before these products can be used by Hunterdon’s Clinical Staff for the first time.  Products or equipment provided to Hunterdon for trial use must have a no-charge purchase order for tracking purposes.  Hunterdon assumes no liability for items left without a purchase order.

Completion of the process for becoming a new vendor is not a guarantee of conducting business with Hunterdon in the future.

Hunterdon Healthcare System’s Vendor Management Program has been developed to facilitate compliance with government regulations and health care accreditation standards applicable to Hunterdon’s interactions with vendors and their representatives and to facilitate the exchange of information between Hunterdon and its vendors.  Many, but not all, vendors conducting business with Hunterdon are required to complete our online registration process.

However, all vendors are required to review and comply with our vendor-related policies, which are contained below in the section titled, “Vendor Compliance.”

For questions related to vendor credentialing, contact 908-788-6123.

Vendors Required to Register

  • Vendors meeting the following criteria are required to complete an online registration process, managed by GHX Vendormate Credentialing, and pay a registration fee to GHX Vendormate Credentialing:
    • Pharmaceutical, medical supply/device and surgical supply/equipment vendors visiting patient care areas
    • Vendors with direct patient contact
    • Vendors of nonmedical products/services that potentially impact patient care
    • Vendors with access to electronic systems
    • Vendors with access to Hunterdon’s facilities outside of normal business hours
    • Vendors of nonmedical products/services who access patient care areas
    • Vendors who have been advised by Materials Management to complete the registration process because of the scope of their business activities with Hunterdon
  • Vendors who are required to register complete a two-part process:
    • Registration of company information (“company profile”) and payment of a registration fee
    • Registration of each representative who interacts with Hunterdon

For more information about this online registration process, click the link below to download a fact sheet and frequently-asked questions about Hunterdon’s Vendor Management Program.

Vendor Internet Fact Sheet

Vendors Coming On-site

New and currently registered vendors are required to report to the Materials Management department to sign in and receive an ID badge before scheduled appointments with our departments. The Materials Management department is located in the basement of the main campus.

Vendor Assistance

For Online Registration Technical Support:

By Email: Support@vendormate.com

By Telephone:   (888) 476-0377

Vendor Compliance

The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (DRA), which became effective January 1, 2007, requires Hunterdon Healthcare System to maintain policies and procedures regarding the Federal and State False Claims Act; remedies for making false statements and claims; and whistleblower protection under the law.

The DRA further requires that our policies, procedures, information about the False Claims Act (FCA) and other federal and state laws pertaining to false claims and statements and our Corporate Compliance Program be made available to our employees, contractors, and agents who are required to uphold and comply with the standards outlined in our corporate compliance program.

As a valued vendor or contractor of Hunterdon, we are required to provide you with the following information, to underscore our efforts to detect and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse. You are required to review and abide by our FCA policy, Corporate Compliance Program, and the Vendor Fact sheet.  Please communicate the following documents to all of your employees who provide services to Hunterdon Healthcare System.

These documents are available by clicking on the links below.

Hunterdon Healthcare System is committed to complying with government regulations applicable to the services we provide and to conduct business in an ethical manner.

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