Why Hunterdon Healthcare?

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Hunterdon Healthcare’s Surgical Services provides:

    • State-of-the-art technology: Our operating rooms contain the most advanced technology available. Many of our surgeries are minimally invasive procedures, an increasingly popular surgical technique that means patients have smaller incisions, shorter hospital stays and a quicker and easier recovery.
    • Expert professional staffing: Our experienced staff has advanced training in the latest surgical techniques, including laparoscopic procedures. Our nursing staff has achieved Magnet status, which recognizes excellence in nursing care.
    • Minimally invasive surgery (MIS): Few hospitals offer the experience of Hunterdon Medical Center when it comes to offering minimally invasive surgery (MIS). These procedures, done using smaller incisions, involve less tissue damage, less pain, less blood loss and shorter overall recovery times. At Hunterdon Medical Center general surgeons use MIS techniques for abdominal procedures including the removal of the appendix, gallbladder, and spleen. In addition, MIS techniques are used in surgery for colon cancer, gastric reflux and hernia repair as well as bariatric (weight loss) surgery, orthopedic surgery, ear, nose and throat surgery, urology, and gynecology.
    • Patient navigators: Hunterdon Medical Center uniquely offers patient navigators, who guide patients through many surgical procedures, from pre-admission testing to post-discharge, through our whole continuum of care.
    • Comforting environment: Surgical patients tend to recover quicker in our aesthetically pleasing private and semi-private rooms. Our staff warmly greets patients when they arrive at either the 5th floor surgical unit and/or the Same Day Stay unit and are attentive to all patient needs.
    • Holistic care: Hunterdon Medical Center practices the holistic model of care that promotes wellness through conventional medicine and innovative complementary therapies. Our professional staff – including the surgeon, anesthesiologists, and specially trained nurses – works as a team with your physician to provide a full circle of care. And at the center of that full circle of care is YOU: the most important person on the surgery team!
    • Personalized patient care: Most of the members of the Surgical Services department live in the community where they work. Therefore, the nurses who tend to you, the technicians who X-ray you, the volunteers who visit your room, are all your neighbors, who treat you like a member of their own family. The patient-to-nurse average is 4:1, far below what you would find at other hospitals.
    • Patient satisfaction: At Hunterdon Medical Center, hospital care is not just about the clinical aspects of your care but the entire care experience. Hunterdon Medical Center consistently ranks as the Number One top performing hospital in New Jersey for overall patient satisfaction. The staff is noted for treating patients with respect and communicating effectively.
    • Patient safety: Patient safety sets Hunterdon Medical Center apart from other hospitals. All members of the medical staff demonstrate a passion for safety by employing state-of-the-art practices. Hunterdon Medical Center has one of the lowest rates of complications and infections in New Jersey. Consumer Reports Magazine recognized Hunterdon Medical Center for its superior safety record and listed the organization as one of only two hospitals in New Jersey with a record of zero central line infections.
    • Magnet™ Status: The Hunterdon Medical Center has achieved Magnet™ designation for excellence in nursing by the American Nurses Credential Center’s (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program®. ANCC is the largest and most prestigious nursing credentialing organization in the United States.  Magnet™ designation is the highest honor given to hospital nursing.
    • Most Wired hospital: Hunterdon Medical Center has been named one of the 100 Most Wired Hospitals in America. Most of our physicians chart their patients using an Electronic Medical Record. Patients can be confident that, with consent, any physician who needs to access patient records can do so throughout the system.

Hunterdon Center for Surgery: A partner of the Hunterdon Healthcare System, Hunterdon Center for Surgery is a state-of-the-art surgical center, which provides patients with another convenient location for same–day, arthroscopic surgical procedures. The facility mirrors the look and comfort of a typical doctor’s office, yet its four operating rooms house the same sophisticated medical equipment found at Hunterdon Medical Center. Many of the surgeons and anesthesiologists from Hunterdon Medical Center provide services at the facility.

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