Classes & Support

Sessions and classes are conducted by the Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management professionals who are skilled and knowledgeable in diabetes management.  These include Registered Nurses and Registered Dietitians who are certified in diabetes education.  For more information or to register for one of our programs, please call (908) 237-6920.

This series of three classes focus on practical aspects of diabetes management that can help people improve their blood sugar levels.  A valuable part of the program is the sharing of feelings and experiences among the participants.

Individual Sessions

The valuable information provided in the group classes is also available through individual educational sessions, scheduled at your convenience and tailored to meet your specific needs.  Family members are encouraged to attend.

Inpatient Diabetes Education

When you are hospitalized at Hunterdon Medical Center you may meet a diabetes nurse educator before you go home.  She/he will provide information to you and your family on the necessary skills you will need to know to safely take care of yourself when home.  Follow-up outpatient appointments are available after discharge to help answer questions and build on the knowledge that you have learned while hospitalized.

Why should I see a diabetes nurse educator?

Diabetes is a lifelong health challenge.  Living with diabetes is not easy.  If you are newly diagnosed or have uncontrolled diabetes, a diabetes nurse educator is the healthcare professional who will work with you, your family and your physician to help you learn necessary information, skills, and habits so you can be healthy with diabetes.  Because of their expertise in diabetes management, a diabetes nurse educator is your best resource along with a registered dietitian to help translate your physician’s medical plan into your daily activities.  Learning how to manage diabetes so it doesn’t manage you is what it is all about.  Knowing how to solve blood sugar problems, knowing what is a safe range for your blood sugar so you can avoid complications, and knowing community resources which will help with financial concerns regarding your supplies are some of the benefits of meeting with a diabetes nurse educator.  Speak to your physician about an education referral for our services.  Most insurance companies and Medicare cover our services.  Call 908-237-6920 for more information.

Insulin Pump Education Sessions

The insulin pump, a device used to deliver insulin continuously, is the most accurate and flexible insulin delivery system available.  The pump provides insulin according to a plan designed to meet the needs of each pump wearer.

Our insulin pump training program provides instruction on the safe use of the insulin pump.  A certified pump trainer works with the patient, the family and endocrinologist to ensure understanding and competency in pump use.

Pre-Diabetes Program

Did you know, one in three Americans has Pre-Diabetes?  This means your fasting blood sugars are higher than normal but not yet high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.

If your doctor has diagnosed you with Pre-Diabetes, come and learn what you can do to take steps to delay or prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

The Pre-Diabetes Program is a one-time group session and is held the 3rd Thursday of the month from 9:30 am-11: 30 am.

Instruction will be provided by a certified diabetes educator. Please call to register and for pricing, (908) 237-6920.

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