Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management

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About Us

The Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management exists to treat the body, educate the mind, and nurture the spirit of people with nutritional needs and diabetes so they may lead satisfying, productive and healthy lives.

Our emphasis is to assist people to make positive behavioral changes that will help them achieve and maintain good health, as well as prevent or minimize the complications that may develop.

The program is staffed by certified diabetes educators and registered dietitians who work with healthcare professionals including endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, cardiologists, nephrologists, podiatrists, primary care physicians, therapists, and social workers. This team approach encourages communication, which enhances the learning experience.

In This Place…
In this place you will be valued as a whole person with dreams,
goals, aspirations, and responsibilities.
You will not be judged by the numbers in your logbook,
the amount of weight you’ve gained or lost
or the amount of exercise you did this week.
You will be respected as an individual who has a
right to make your own decisions and choices.
You will have the freedom to falter, to make mistakes,
and to try again as many times as you need to.
You will be empowered to set goals, to make decisions and to take
actions that will help you make the changes that you want to happen.
You will be encouraged to ask questions, to test your knowledge
and to challenge us in our ability to serve you.
You will have educators (nurses and dietitians) who will stand beside you
every step of the way toward improved health.
The Staff of the Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management

National Recognition

The Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management has been awarded the prestigious American Diabetes Association (ADA) Certificate of Recognition for quality diabetes education programs. The rigorous ADA recognition process ensures that the Hunterdon Medical Center´s Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management has met the National Standards for Diabetes Patient Education.

Our program has been nationally accredited since 1992 and is recognized as a center of excellence by the ADA because it offers high-quality education services to the patients in the community.

Diabetes Self Management

Nutrition Counseling

Diabetes and Nutrition Tools

Diabetes Risk Test – Take this test to see if you are at risk for having diabetes.

On-line Body Mass Calculator – This calculator provides BMI and the corresponding BMI weight status category. Use this calculator for adults, 20 years old and older.

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Body Mass Index Table


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