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If you are recovering from surgery or trying to get back to normal after a sports injury or other bone and joint pain, your doctor may determine that you could benefit from physical therapy to aid in your rehabilitation.

We offer physical therapy and nursing services in your home or outpatient physical therapy at one of the Hunterdon Health & Wellness Centers or an outpatient physical therapy facility. In some cases, a short stay in a local in-patient rehabilitation facility may be necessary.

Whether you are an avid athlete, a weekend warrior or you simply have an active lifestyle, at Hunterdon Sports and Physical Therapy our specialists can look for correlations between your activities and the discomfort you are experiencing. They will review your body mechanics as well as the mechanics of your activities such as throwing, batting, golfing, lifting and jumping.

The therapists will use the data to determine an appropriate treatment, which may include anything from physical retraining to heat, ice, ultrasound, deep tissue laser, electrical stimulation, occupational therapy or trans-electric nerve stimulation. These treatments have been shown to reduce or completely eliminate the need for surgery.

Outpatient Physical Therapy Facilities

Please click here to locate a physical and/or occupational therapy location near you.

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