Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy

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All Hunterdon Healthcare Physical and Occupational Therapy offices are open to serve your needs.

Providing Therapeutic Programs to Meet Individual Needs

  • Have you recently suffered a work or sports-related injury?
  • Have you had surgery for joint replacement, arthroscopy or ligamentous repair?
  • Have you suffered a stroke or another neurological incident?
  • Do you have difficulty performing the activities of daily living?
  • Are you dealing with the long-term effects of a serious illness?

You may benefit from a course of physical and/or occupational therapy to reduce pain, increase your range of motion, increase strength and improve your functional mobility. Hunterdon Medical Center offers comprehensive rehab services Monday through Friday, including evenings, at all of our state-of-the-art facilities located throughout Hunterdon, Somerset and Warren Counties.

Physical Therapy

Why Choose Physical and Occupational Therapy at Hunterdon Medical Center?

Our experienced staff is trained in current rehabilitation protocols and manual therapy techniques. We pride ourselves on our one-on-one evaluations and treatments tailored to meet individual goals and needs. Our reputation includes high levels of patient satisfaction and therapeutic outcomes.

Getting Started

A therapist will meet with you to perform an evaluation and create a comprehensive program to achieve goals based on your needs. Patients and therapists work as a team to achieve the goals of recuperation. The same therapist treats the patient at each visit, building rapport and trust – along with motivation. Your rehabilitation will include hands-on care, the use of appropriate exercise equipment and follow-up exercises to allow you to safely continue your program at work or at home.

With the exception of some insurances, a prescription is NOT required to receive physical therapy. Occupational therapy does require a physician’s prescription. A physician’s prescription may come from a primary care physician, specialist or other rehabilitation care provider.

Hunterdon Medical Center participates with many insurance plans.

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy Services Available

• Hand rehabilitation following surgery for tendon injuries, amputations, crush injuries, burns, fractures and nerve injuries
• Custom splinting
• Therapeutic exercise
• Stroke/neurological rehabilitation
• Bioness
• Lymphedema treatment
• Graston Technique/IASTM
• Functional Cognitive Rehabilitation
• Taping techniques
• Modalities including ultrasound, electric stimulation, iontophoresis, TENS, cold laser, deep tissue laser, fluidotherapy, and paraffin
• Patient education including joint protection, energy conservation and appropriate use of protective splinting
• Manual therapy
• Cupping

*Staff includes certified hand therapists (CHT)

Physical Therapy Services Available

• Sports medicine
• Therapeutic exercise
• Stroke/neurological rehabilitation
• Bioness devices use electrical stimulation to assist with neurological rehabilitation
• Vestibular and balance training
• Gait training
• Modalities include ultrasound, electric stimulation, iontophoresis, traction, cold laser, TENS, phonophoresis, and deep tissue laser
• Taping techniques
• Sportsmetrics
• Pelvic Health (Clinton and Wescott)
• Aquatic therapy (Hunterdon Health & Wellness Center – Whitehouse and Clinton)
• Orthopedic/Spine Care
• Manual Therapy
• Lymphedema
• Graston Technique/IASTM
• Concussion rehab – return to play protocol
• Oncology rehabilitation
• LSVT Big
• Cupping
TPI certified golf screenings (Wescott)

*Physical therapists trained in McKenzie, Maitland, Mulligan, and McConnell techniques.

Exercise to Wellness Program

Offered at our medically-based Hunterdon Health & Wellness Centers, this special discount program is ideal for you if you are currently engaged in or have completed an outpatient therapy program.

How the program benefits you?

  • Fitness trainers work with therapists and physicians in identifying an exercise program for your health needs and considerations.
  • You will exercise under the guidance of certified fitness trainers.

Contact our Membership Coordinators to learn more:

Clinton: 908-735-6884 ext. 1
Whitehouse Station: 908-534-7600 ext. 6
Lambertville: 609-397-9391


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