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At Hunterdon Medical Center our highly trained team of neurosurgeons, nurses, therapists, and technicians work collaboratively to deliver state-of-the-art treatments for diseases and disorders of the brain including complex procedures. The newly designed operating room is equipped with the latest instrumentation to address the most complex surgeries and our dedicated neurological care unit is focused on ensuring total care for each patient.

We offer the following Surgeries:

Complex Spine Surgery and Fusions

We offer expert total spine care. Our team consists of physicians, nurses, physical therapists and pain-management specialists who collaborate in treating the most challenging spinal problems. Since only approximately 10 percent of patients with spinal disorders require surgery, our specially trained physicians (orthopedic and neurosurgery) are available to provide ongoing consultation regarding your back pain. These specialists work in conjunction with your primary care physician, physical therapists and the physicians at The Center for Advanced Pain Management.

Spine surgery is considered only after other conservative therapies have not been successful. Our professional team works collaboratively with our spine surgeons (orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons) who are leaders in the field of spine care including minimally invasive surgery. Our operating rooms are equipped with advanced technology and offer personalized patient care in a comforting environment.


A craniotomy is a surgical operation in which a bone flap is temporarily removed from the skull to access the brain. Craniotomies are often a critical operation performed on patients suffering from brain tumors or traumatic brain (TBI), and can also allow doctors to treat Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy, and cerebellar tremor.


Laminectomy is when a small piece of bone (the lamina) from a vertebra is removed. It is often done to treat spinal stenosis. The procedure removes bones and damaged discs and makes more room for your spinal nerve and column.


Discectomy is surgery to remove herniated disc material that is pressing on a nerve root or the spinal cord in order to relieve compression of the nerve and provide room for the nerve to heal. Microdiscectomy uses a special microscope to view the disc and nerves allowing the surgeon to use a smaller cut. This causes less damage to surrounding tissue.

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