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The Blood Bank Transfusion Service Lab at Hunterdon Medical Center provides advanced inpatient and outpatient blood transfusion services. Staffed by licensed technologists, the Blood Bank provides a safe and rapidly available blood supply to meet the needs of all our patients.

The transfusion service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Medical Director has oversight responsibility, and the department is managed by a medical technologist with a specialty certification in transfusion medicine (SBB). The staff consists of highly skilled medical technologists who have expert knowledge and experience in blood transfusion therapy.

The Transfusion Service and the Donor Program are regulated and inspected by the New Jersey Board of Health and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This indicates adherence to strict industry standards for medical, technical and administrative procedures and professional proficiency.

Our donor service expanded four years ago. The department can now collect single donor platelets in addition to our routine blood donations. This has enhanced service for our cancer patients who frequently require infusions of platelets as well as blood transfusions.

The blood supply in the U.S. is subject to such extensive testing that it is currently considered among the safest blood transfusion systems in the world. Some patients may, however, choose to participate in an autologous blood program, in which they donate their own blood days or weeks before a scheduled surgery. Therefore, at the time of their surgical procedure, they can be transfused with their own blood.

Patients who wish to have their own blood available for a scheduled surgery should discuss this with their physicians, who can determine if they would be medically able to donate for themselves. If the patient and physician decide that autologous donations would be appropriate, the patient will receive specific instructions for making those donations.

Sometimes patients cannot donate blood for themselves and would prefer to have a family member or a close friend donate blood specifically for their use. Hunterdon’s Blood Bank can also help patients arrange these “directed” or “designated” donations. Again, the patient should discuss this with his or her physician, who must authorize such donations. The patient will receive specific instructions for arranging these donations.

Did you know:

  • 80% of the blood supply used at Hunterdon Medical Center is donated by local residents
  • The American Red Cross estimates that donors provide over 13 million units of blood each year

The process of donating is simple. Your visit to donate should take one hour or less, and your body quickly replaces the blood you donate.

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