Marc Sandberg, MD, FACP, CDE
Medical Director Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management

Marc Sandberg, MD, FACP, CDEQuality diabetes care requires a team approach, and at its core, are well-informed patients and staff. The Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management provides this opportunity to acquire knowledge of quality diabetes care and disseminate this knowledge to providers and patients. The ultimate goal of our Center is to improve the health and well being of people living with diabetes.

Dr. Sandberg is an endocrinologist for Diabetes & Endocrine Associates of Hunterdon. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Sandberg, call (908) 237-6990.

• Top Doc in New Jersey 2005, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.
• ADA Northern New Jersey Council President 2006 to present.
• Diabetes Foundation Physician of the Year 2011.

Beverley Manganelli, RD, BS, CDE

Beverley Manganelli, RD, BS, CDEWe know that diabetes education provided by registered nurses and registered dietitians who are certified diabetes educators can have a positive impact in managing diabetes. Here at our center, I am proud to work with a team of educators who are caring, compassionate, knowledgeable experts in the field providing education from state of the art diabetes technology to answering one of the hardest questions of all, “What can I eat?”

Our diabetes nurse educators, registered dietitians, and front desk staff are committed to providing a safe, individualized experience for all of our patients every day.

Tonya McGahey, MA, BSN, RN-BC
Nurse Manager/Diabetes Educator

Tonya McGahey, MA, BSN, RN-BCIt is a pleasure to be a part of this dedicated team, teaching livable strategies for the best diabetes care possible. Having been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as a child, I have lived, experienced and understand the daily regimen, and at times, the overwhelming responsibilities and emotions involved in managing this disease. I love empowering my patients with not only the knowledge, but also continued support and motivation to help each one reach their goals and lead healthy, happy lives in the process.

Janel Walker, RN, BA, CDE
Diabetes Educator

Janel WalkerI am delighted to be a member of the Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management at Hunterdon Medical Center. Here we assist persons diagnosed with diabetes through each step of their journey. Knowledge is power in the face of diabetes. Having worked in this field for most of my career I have seen the many misconceptions, fears, questions, and concerns that arise when first diagnosed and throughout one’s lifetime with diabetes. I find great satisfaction in teaching, guiding, encouraging and empowering persons with diabetes. I love seeing the “aha” moment as the light bulb goes off and the client understands his/her role to gain control. It is my privilege to offer knowledge, tools, strength, courage, and hope to help people successfully manage their disease and live their best life.

Elizabeth Tursi, RN, BSN, CDE
Per Diem Diabetes Nurse Educator

Elizabeth Tursi, RN, BSN, CDEIt is my pleasure to be a part of the Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management team. It’s a privilege to be able to teach you and your family about diabetes care. As a registered nurse, I am your advocate to help, guide, support and give you the knowledge that you need to successfully manage your care. Whether it is a new diagnosis or a change in treatment we can help you through it step by step until you have gained the confidence to self-manage your care successfully. It is a great feeling to see patients feeling confident about their diabetes management and living a healthy life.

• Member, Sigma Theta Tau International, The Honor Society of Nurses.

Paula Hazard, RD, BS, CDE
Diabetes Educator

Paula Hazard, RD, BS, CDEFood is an important part of our lives for social and health reasons. As a registered dietitian, my goal is to help people learn to eat to maintain their health without feeling deprived of the social aspect of eating. There are many medical conditions which require nutritional management. By teaching lifestyle changes and addressing moderation, people can improve their food choices and be empowered to take control of their eating habits. This can help them manage their medical conditions. Once the management of a medical condition is achieved, there is an improved sense of well-being which has a positive impact on overall health and wellness.

• February 2017 HMC Employee of the Month

Kathy Lombardi, RD, BS, CDE
Community Nutritionist

Kathy Lombardi, RD, BS, CDEFood is not only essential to our health, but it is an important part of our lives. In today’s world, there is so much information about health and food it is hard to know what is accurate. I became a Registered Dietitian to help people understand how to eat well and make sense of all this nutrition information. By teaching our clients I hope we are helping them to understand not only how nutrition will impact their health but what changes can be made to improve it. This is especially true in our clients with diabetes. We educate to empower others to be in control of their lives and nothing is more satisfying than helping our clients reach their goals of improved health and well being.

• Region 2 Co-chair of the NJ Dietetic Association 2011 – 2013.

Michelle D. Wright, MS, RD, CDE, CSSD
Community Nutritionist

Michelle D. Wright MS, RD, CDE, CSSDNutrition and wellness are the keys to reducing our risk of illness and promoting longevity. My goal as a dietitian is to educate the community about the healthful benefits attained through proper nutrition. Whether I am educating a client with diabetes, hypertension, childhood obesity or those who suffer from eating disorders, my goal is to help them make healthy choices that they will be able to maintain throughout their lives. I believe that your body is the greatest instrument you will ever own and you must take care of it.

• Region 2 Co-chair of the NJ Dietetic Association 2009-2010.
• October 2010 HMC Employee of the Month.

Velta Soucie, RD, BS, CDE
Community Nutritionist

Velta Soucie, RD, BS, CDEWorking as a nutritionist allows me to help others – by being a teacher, a motivator, and a support person. I enjoy helping people focus and execute their goals for healthier lifestyle habits. Seeing a person feel hopeful and better prepared to make healthier food choices before they leave the office is very important to me.

Lisa Herter
Department Secretary

Lisa HerterI am proud to be a member of the Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management team. When you call or stop by I will explain what our department has to offer, schedule the appropriate appointment for your needs and discuss how the insurance billing process works. As a person with Type 1 Diabetes, I first came to the CNDM to see a registered dietitian and then afterward for my insulin pump training with a registered nurse. I understand what it is like to take the first step and make that call and I am here to help you!

• HMC Diabetes Advisory Board Member since 2013

Karen Malko
Department Secretary

Karen MalkoI’m happy to be working with the Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management as Department Secretary/Billing. I appreciate helping patients in the process of scheduling their appointments with our professional staff. It is very gratifying to watch patients improve their health and succeed in living a healthier lifestyle.

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