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After One Visit I Was Relieved!!

I recently switched to Hunterdon for my diabetes after several years with a doctor that did not have access to a diabetes educator. After one visit I was relieved!!  Here was someone who listened and took the time to talk about my questions and concerns. I continued to visit with the educator and I am very happy with every visit!  Not only is the information helping me with my sugar control but I always leave with the sense that someone understands and cares about what diabetes is and can help improve my life. In three months of bloodwork, my A1C went from 9% to 7.2%!!!! I am very happy with the results and the approach and continue to go when I need to!! Thank you!

Monica, L,  Bridgewater, NJ



Help With My Insulin Pump

Five years ago I was taking 4 to 5 insulin shots per day to manage my diabetes and was very unhappy with my lifestyle. An insulin pump was recommended which was very intimidating for me. I contacted the Center for Nutrition & Diabetes Management Center which was one of the best decisions I ever made. The level of professionalism and knowledge surpassed my expectations. I was lucky enough to find Alicia Dougherty who made me feel so comfortable like a friend who was helping me in my time of need. She was patient with my lack of knowledge and my fear of actually doing my first pump insertion. She helped me build my confidence and was there for me every step of the way. She shared her contact information in case I got confused when attempting to do my first insertion at home by myself.

I recently had the need to re-contact Alicia Dougherty at the Center for Nutrition & Diabetes Management due to the fact that my insulin pump was no longer under warranty. I was sent a new pump in the mail. I now needed to transfer all the information from my old pump to my new one and was not comfortable doing it alone. I called Alicia and explained the need to get in to see her as I know a small mistake with programming the new pump could have been a disaster. Alicia moved some of the current calendar entries to fit me in when it was convenient for me regarding my work schedule. I arrived at the center and we quickly got to work. She shared the changes regarding the new pump and we programmed the new one accordingly. We discussed some challenges I was experiencing with some foods like pasta which has a tendency to raise my blood sugar much later than some other foods. We discussed the dual pump option which really helped. I left Alicia feeling great. I was really surprised when 3 days later I received a call from her to see how I was doing

Needless to say, my experience with Alicia and the Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management has not only improved my A1C levels from 8.5 to 6.2 but has much very much improved my quality of life. I gained not only knowledge but I feel as if I gained a friend as well.

Alicia, thank you so much for all you do and all you are. If anyone requires training with an insulin pump or help with nutrition & managing diabetes, I guarantee full satisfaction. You will be a much happier person. Don’t be afraid, Alicia can help!!

–Rosanne I.



Improved Diabetes Control

Al Wagner
I am officially off Lantus insulin and my A1C went from 8.0% to 5.3%. In a few months, I lost 40 pounds on my diet. I am counting the carbs and have increased the fruits, vegetables, and protein. I’m stable enough to increase my physical activity to include weight training and more rigorous activities. I want to thank both Shanti Kengeter, R.D. and Liz Tursi, RN for putting me on a manageable road to recovery.

Al W., Washington, NJ


I love the “Why Can’t I Lose” program

The Registered Dietitian, Paula Hazard teaches you how to eat properly and why it all works. She also makes it fun and is very patient when answering any questions you may have.

After completing the eight-week session that addresses a different topic each week, I attended two additional eight-week sessions. I lost a total of 25 pounds while attending the three, eight-week sessions.

Seeing the 17 sugar cubes (each representing one teaspoon) in an empty 20 oz. soda bottle to show how much sugar is in each bottle of soda was a real eye-opener. That much sugar is not good for anyone and it really is a lot of wasted calories. Also, the simulated 1 pound of fat not only lets you physically see what you are carrying around but also what you are losing with the success of following the program. I think this program is great, and not only for people who want to lose weight but also for people who want to learn how to eat properly.

Marie S., Kingwood, NJ



Time to make a lifestyle change

Warren Warren
Before & After Pictures
On March 8, 2011, I went to see Dr. Lewis. She told me I had high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. After she told me of all the complications I decided it was time to make a lifestyle change.

Dr. Lewis suggested I see a nutritionist. That is when I met dietitian Michelle Wright. I started at 295 lbs and today, July 19, 2011, I weigh 219 lbs. Her help is beyond any expectations I had. I could not have done this without Michelle’s help. She helped me with selecting the proper foods and the proper portions.

I have lost weight before and always gained it back because I never learned to eat properly. I know that I will never gain it back again now that I have learned to eat healthily and properly.

UPDATE: As of October 14, 2011, Warren is 185 pounds, that is a weight loss of 110 pounds to date. He is now walking five or six miles a day at least five times a week.

Warren L., Milford, NJ



Like a dream come true

First place I ever came that wanted to help me. Everything about this place is just fantastic…like a dream that came true. You ask a question, the instructor is willing to answer 100%. Here I feel I’m going to be helped.

James M., Pittstown, NJ



Prompt Attention

The Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management is the most efficient office I have ever visited. Phone calls are returned promptly and any information I needed was always answered by the office quickly and accurately. There is a caring, friendly attitude. Paula the nutritionist was very helpful also. It’s a wonderful feeling to be in such competent hands.

— Zella R., Somerville, NJ



Healthy Way of Eating

I was falling down and struggling with my weight and diabetes management. My doctor told me he would have to revise and increase my medications on my next visit if I couldn’t get control of my situation. I was not happy with myself. A few days later I came across your flyer advertising the 8 week “Why Can’t I Lose Weight?” program. The title fit and I was ready to re-educate myself on nutrition and weight management. This program was the best thing I did for myself. Our instructor, Paula Hazard, was excellent. Her knowledge and love of educating people about their health show true dedication.

Encouragement and knowing the right way to teach a sensitive subject was refreshing. Enlightening us on many aspects of nutrition and if there was a topic she was not sure of, the next week she came back with research to clarify it. The instructional materials are a great resource and follow-up to refer back on. I also liked not tagging this program as a DIET! It was nice to know I could eat anything but in moderation. I learned a healthier, better way of eating. Realizing my pitfalls and trigger points and how to overcome the weaknesses. I have learned a lot through this 8-week program. Now I have to show myself that I can continue to be successful because of what I came away with. Thank you Paula Hazard, you made it easier for me to turn my life and health around!

— Mary P., Lambertville, NJ



Learning About Nutrition

Jeanne Dutka
The diet plan and the extensive information on nutrition that I received from the “Why Can’t I Lose Weight?” program gave me the confidence and the tools I needed to lose 30 pounds and to continue to lose weight over the long haul.

— Jeanne D., Lebanon, NJ


A Lifelong Journey

Kathleen C
In February 1951, I was diagnosed with what then was called juvenile diabetes. As with any chronic disease, it is a shock to suddenly learn that your own body depends on insulin or medication to remain healthy. Of course, insulin and/or medication is only the beginning of changes. The Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management helps me with my low blood sugar management so much. I carry little juice containers wherever I go, especially out in my garden where I tend to get involved in plants and forget to eat!

— Kathleen Y., Milford, NJ

Joslin Medal Side 1
Joslin Diabetes Center first began awarding medals in 1948 with a 25-year victory medal. Over the years, the program has expanded to include 50 and 75-year medals. The program was the vision of Elliott P. Joslin, MD and served as an incentive for those committed to their diabetes care. His belief was that proper self-management was key to minimizing complications that arise from diabetes.

Kathleen Y., of Milford, New Jersey is a client of the Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management. She is also a recipient of the Joslin 50 year medal. Kathleen, diagnosed at age 6, has lived with diabetes for over 58 years.


Feeling Empowered

Attending sessions with a nutritionist and a nurse educator at the Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management has been a most positive experience in helping me to manage my Type 2 diabetes since my diagnosis in February 2007. I have been empowered to learn to deal with living with diabetes because of the care of these two professionals, along with my primary care physician and endocrinologist. The nutritionist has taught me how to keep my blood glucose numbers in the recommended ranges by designing a food plan for me, helping me to select the correct foods for daily meals and snacks as well as stressing the importance of daily exercise. The nurse educator has taught me about glucose monitoring and record keeping, the safe use of my diabetes medications and is readily available to answer any questions or concerns that I may have. I plan to periodically continue my sessions with both the nutritionist and the nurse educator.

–Maryann E., Ringoes, NJ


Quality of Care

Christopher H
I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes which did not come as a shock to me as I have struggled with my weight for the better part of the last decade. Even though I have been overweight for many years, I had been fortunate to have had relatively good health, which I used as an excuse to not manage my diet. After my diagnosis, I was referred to the Center or Nutrition and Diabetes Management by my doctor and was able to meet with the nutritionists and diabetes educator. While there was a lot of information to go over the staff took the time to make sure I was getting everything I needed to be successful in the changes that I needed to make. I attribute my success to the quality of care I received. In the 3 weeks since my first visit, I have lost 24 pounds as well as having good blood glucose levels. I am now participating in a “Commit to be Fit” program at my work and look forward to continuing to work with the staff at the Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management.



Messages From Our Students

The Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management mentors dietetic interns, physician assistant students and nursing students throughout the year. It is important for us to support and educate our future healthcare providers. Our nurses and dietitians provide an excellent experience to these students. Here are messages from our students.

The Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management provides an environment of clinicians who show great respect for individuals training to enter the field of healthcare. Each Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) demonstrates different approaches to education and client interaction and incorporates the strengths of the training professional so that they may develop their own style. The connections built with these CDEs are strong enough to last for years after collaboration.


Heather K.
Dietetic Intern
College of  St. Elizabeth

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