Nutrition Counseling

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The Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management is committed to providing quality nutrition education and counseling services to people in our community. All nutrition programs are provided by registered dietitians.

Individual nutrition counseling is provided on an outpatient basis for disease-related nutrition problems, including:

∙ Diabetes∙ Hypoglycemia
∙ Pre-Diabetes∙ Renal Disease
∙ Gestational Diabetes∙ Weight Management
∙ Hypertension∙ Eating Disorders
∙ Food Allergies∙ Celiac Disease
∙ Sports Nutrition∙ Irritable Bowel, Diverticulitis
∙ Osteoporosis∙ Cardiac Disease
· Bariatric Surgery
· Gastrointestinal Diseases

Individual nutrition counseling provides the opportunity to plan a nutrition program that will allow long-term lifestyle changes to meet health goals. Flexible daytime and evening hours are available for appointments.

Why should I see a Registered Dietitian?

What can I eat? This is often the first thought that you may have when you are diagnosed with diabetes, celiac disease or are struggling to manage your weight. A Registered Dietitian is the nutrition expert who can help you choose practical solutions for healthy eating based on your individual needs. Your dietitian will work with you to develop a meal plan, read labels or figure out how to eat out successfully. Registered Dietitians at our center can help you with diabetes, weight management, cardiac disease, GI disease, eating disorders and many other nutrition-related conditions. Talk to your doctor about a referral to see a Registered Dietitian and check with your insurance company to determine if nutrition counseling is a covered benefit. Most insurances and Medicare cover diabetes services. Call 908-237-6920 for more information.

Losing Weight the Mediterranean Way

This is a 4 week weight management program for adults based on the guidelines of the Mediterranean diet. The program features fruits and vegetables as the backbone of every meal and includes whole grains, beans, nuts, olive oil and fish. Red meat and diary will be limited. You will receive a calorie controlled meal plan from our registered dietitian as well as recipes, apps and weight management strategies.

Where: Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management
Cost: $99 ($80 for seniors 65 and older, Hunterdon Healthcare employees, Center for Nutrition and Diabetes patients and Hunterdon Health & Wellness Center members.)

Please call 908-237-6920 for registration or more information.

Weigh to Go

Weigh to Go is a 4-week weight management program for kids ages 10 to 14 and their parents.  Classes are provided by Michelle Wright, a Registered Dietitian at the Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management.

Weigh to Go is a non-diet approach to weight loss with an emphasis on making changes now that can be sustained long term.  In addition, a qualified member of the Hunterdon Health & Wellness Center staff will provide supervision and guidance throughout the strength training and cardiovascular components of the program. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent when exercising at the Wellness Centers.

To find out more information and when the next session will begin,  call the Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management at (908) 237-6920.

Speaker Services

Speaker services are available for community groups, agencies and to professional associations. A wide range of nutrition-related topics is available. Please call (908) 237-6920 for more information.

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