Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

“We very much appreciate Bright Tomorrows and it was a huge part of our lives for 5 years. What a wonderful place it has been to us.” – Marianne K.

“Bright Tomorrows is extremely reasonable. It’s actually less expensive than most others. When you factor in food, diapers and wipes it is the best priced center that I’ve found. One center requires homework for the 4’s; not a fan of that. Working parents need an easier life! Another point: a 2nd center closes for 2 days at the end of August and a 3rd closes a whole week in August. That’s inconvenient. I don’t want daycare dictating my vacation time. Anyway, I’ve thought a lot about this (where you send your kids and who you trust them with is huge) and no matter how I analyze it, Bright Tomorrows is a choice I am continually happy with. Clearly the quality of the staff is the biggest component!” – Caitlin E.

“Bright Tomorrows is a safe environment where my son can play and learn. My mind is worry-free while he is there thanks to all of the dedicated, caring staff. While he’s there, his smiling face says it all!” – Kristen B.

“Bright Tomorrows is the place we have trusted with our children from three months old to, now, 2 and 5 years old. They have been cared for and loved by astoundingly dedicated teachers and staff and we are both extremely lucky and grateful.” – Matt & Michelle W.

“Bright Tomorrows is part of our extended family because of the wonderful teachers. As parents, we are desperate to know that our children’s caregivers are attentive, loving, and careful. And when your child cannot speak for themselves, even more so. But at Bright Tomorrows, my one-year old runs into Ms. Mary’s arms to say hello and greets her with a hug. And my once very shy daughter has learned confidence and fun around new things after being part of the Bright Tomorrows family for 2 years. I feel incredibly grateful to Bright Tomorrows. When I go to work I not only know my children are safe, I also have confidence they are loved and thriving.” – Lia Z.

“When I am treating patients I give them 100% of my head and 100% of my heart. As a mother, this is only possible when you know your children are close by and well cared for. Bright Tomorrows is the rare and exceptional mix of the intimacy found in small family-run daycares and the professionalism and high standards of a world class organization. It is one of the gems that makes working for Hunterdon Healthcare special.” – Kathy F.

“What Bright Tomorrows means to our family is that our wild little girl is taken care of well while we have to work. Bright Tomorrows gives her the socialization that she loves! The teachers have loved watching her grow into a little girl, and they cannot wait to meet her little brother or sister in May!” Amanda H.

“Bright Tomorrows is like a second family to our family. My husband and I were looking for a new daycare that would be close to my husband’s last work. I was deploying in the next few months and wanted to make sure my daughter was in the hands of loving and caring people. The moment I walked into the one year old room I felt the love. I knew from that moment she was going to be well taken care of. The love our kids get from the Bright Tomorrows teachers is like no other. My daughter is now a graduate of Bright Tomorrows and we still keep in contact with friends she made there and I know my younger son will do the same. Thank you for all the love and care my kids have and continue to receive.” – Kelly D.

“We wanted not just a daycare, but a place where our boys’ imagination can flourish and they build the right attitude. Bright Tomorrows is that place for us. Bright Tomorrows is a real asset to Hunterdon Medical Center.” – Zin Zin T.

“Our daughters have learned so much and have a great love for school because of the loving, dedicated teachers here at Bright Tomorrows. We appreciate all the “extras”, like Zumba and Mad Science and the animal visits. With our oldest going to kindergarten in the fall, we know she is more than prepared thanks to the outstanding job Miss Kristy has done with all her students in the Piglets Room.” – Emily & Andy T.

“Bright Tomorrows is a fantastic organization with best in class teachers and staff. For the last 3 1/2 years that my daughter has attended, the staff of Bright Tomorrows has helped her learn, grow, and become a better person preparing her well to interact with other children and adults to prepare her for kindergarten.” – Mitch F.

“To us Bright Tomorrows means peace of mind, knowing that our girls are in excellent hands. It means comfort and confidence. We are grateful for the Bright Tomorrows family and the critical role they play in our lives.” – Laura W.J.

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