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Aligned with the State’s Health Improvement Plan, Healthy New Jersey 2030, which aims to improve health for all people, the goal of the Chronic Disease Coalition  (“Coalition”) is to address the state’s cancer burden and work toward improving health outcomes for people with or at risk for cancer and other chronic diseases. The Coalition is engaged in the delivery of cancer and chronic disease prevention education, support of early detection initiatives, addressing survivor quality of life along with policy and systems change that contribute to healthy and equitable communities. Coalitions state-wide are supported by the New Jersey Department of Health Office of Cancer Control and Prevention to coordinate comprehensive cancer control efforts in New Jersey and contribute to the national efforts of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

  •  Objective: Promote cancer prevention, support early detection efforts, address the needs of cancer survivors and promote health equity.
  • Approach: Deploy evidence-based strategies through a collaborative and coordinated approach to education and outreach initiatives.
  • Long Term Outcome: Improved health outcomes for community members.

Cancer Prevalence in New Jersey

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in New Jersey.  One in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will develop cancer during their lifetimes. The American Cancer Society 2021 data estimates new cancer cases in New Jersey to be 53,340 and estimated deaths to be 15,710.

Top 4 Leading Sites of New Cancer Deaths by Gender in New Jersey
Women Men
Cancer Site # of Deaths Cancer Site # of Deaths
Lung 1,651 Lung 1,675
Breast 1,253 Prostate    735
Colorectal   671 Colorectal    730
Pancreas   625 Pancreas    677

*2019 NJ State Cancer Registry

Prevention Saves Lives

Nobody is immune from getting cancer and multiple factors both inside and outside the body can contribute to the development of cancer. However, many cancers are preventable by reducing risk factors or getting appropriate vaccinations. Screening is effective in identifying some types of cancers in early, often highly treatable stages. Some risk factors for cancer can be avoided or controlled. For example, people can choose to avoid smoking, modify their diet and increase their exercise.  Other risk factors, such as a person’s age, race, family history of cancer, and genetics are not possible to modify.


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Bonnie J. Petrauskas, MBA

Bonnie J. Petrauskas, MBA

Regional Coordinator, Hunterdon-Mercer Chronic Disease Coalition
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