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Residency Program Welcome

Welcome to the Family Medicine Residency at Hunterdon


Welcome from Hunterdon Healthcare CEO and President

Welcome from the Residency Program Director

It is my pleasure to tell you about why family medicine is so special to the Hunterdon Medical Community. It starts and finishes with “the people” as most great stories do. In the mid 1900’s, Hunterdon was the only county in New Jersey without a hospital. At the time, Hunterdon County was a largely an agrarian community and the citizens desperately wanted a place to get medical care close to home. This community initiative included fundraisers, community rallies, and donations from the local agrarian society. The mandate was to not just build a hospital but to build a medical center which would not only provide medical care to the citizens of Hunterdon County but also serve as a resource to pass along medical education and train physicians for future generations.

The hospital was opened in 1953 and education was part of the core fabric for its mission from the very beginning. Initially a general medical year of training was offered, but as times and medical education changed Hunterdon was again at the forefront. In 1969 when the new specialty of Family Medicine was chartered, Hunterdon was one of the first Medical Centers in the country to offer this new comprehensive residency program. The family medicine spirit has remained strong and continues to develop. The residency operates two family medical centers both recertified as a level 3 medical home who see a collective 48,000 patient visits per year.

Remember, when I said it was all about the people. This is certainly true of the faculty and staff of the family medicine residency. Many of the faculty are alumni of the residency program. They continue to model and teach family medicine in the Hunterdon tradition. They love to teach and it shows. Additionally, since the residency is unopposed the residents have direct access to a wide variety of medical and surgical specialists who take the time to do one-on-one teaching. As a whole, over 40 percent of graduates of the Hunterdon Family Medicine Residency have chosen to stay and practice in our surrounding communities. They say they just fell in love with the community and wanted to stay. That says a lot about our people.

If you are looking for a family medicine residency with rich tradition, demands for excellence and on the cutting edge of modern day family medical home then you have come to the right place. We look forward to you investigating more about us. Help build the legacy of family medicine education excellence with us.


Patricia Kroth DO, MBA, FAAFP
Director, Family Medicine Residency Program
Hunterdon Medical Center
2100 Wescott Drive
Flemington, NJ 08822
Telephone: 908-788-6160

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