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PGY-2 Pharmacotherapy Residency Program Curriculum

The PGY-2 Pharmacotherapy Residency Program is a 12-month program, beginning in August and will encompass a variety of rotations including concentrated, extended and longitudinal experiences.


Orientation will consist of a 2-day hospital orientation, followed by a 1-day orientation to the pharmacy department.

Hospital Pharmacy Practice:

This is a 5-week required rotation of the PGY-2 Pharmacotherapy Residency Program.  The primary goal of this rotation is to utilize the skills gained during their pharmacy practice residency, apply them to the policies and procedure of this organization, and further expand their knowledge base in medication management. Medication management includes order entry, labeling, dispensing, preparation, administration, selection, documenting, monitoring, procuring, billing, storage, and handling of all pharmaceuticals.

Pharmacotherapy I and II

These rotations are required rotations, each spanning over 12 weeks.  The rotations will provide opportunities for the resident to work with a variety of patients and health care professionals to provide pharmacotherapeutic management of different disease states in the inpatient setting.  The resident will rotate on a 4-week basis between the Hospitalist and Pulmonary services to gain experiences with different patient populations.  The resident will engage in new medication and discharge counseling.  These rotations will provide the foundation for the residency program prior to the resident transitioning to other concentrated rotations focusing on a specific specialty.

Pharmacotherapy in Infectious Diseases

The goal of this 5-week required rotation is to gain experience in the pharmacotherapeutic management of common infections.  The resident will work with a variety of healthcare providers and will aid in designing and monitoring pharmacotherapeutic plans.  The resident review therapy based on patient infection and pathogen-specific information and subsequently make recommendations for management.

Pharmacotherapy in Critical Care

During this required 5-week rotation, the resident will develop and maximize critical care skills while rounding on the medical intensive care team.  The resident is responsible for identifying and resolving medication therapy issues for patients in the unit.  The resident will identify the etiology, pathophysiology, and treatment of various disease states and assess the patients and provide appropriate pharmacotherapeutic recommendations.

Pharmacotherapy in Internal Medicine

This is a 5-week required rotation that will help the resident gain exposure in the pharmacotherapeutic management of various disease states in the inpatient/acute care setting.  The resident is responsible for identifying and resolving medication therapy issues for patients on the Family Medicine Service.  The resident will work collaboratively with the Family Practice Medicine Team to assess patients and provide appropriate pharmacotherapeutic recommendations based upon the comorbidities and patient-specific factors.

Pharmacotherapy in the Outpatient Setting

This is a required 5-week rotation which focuses on primary and preventative medicine in pediatric, adult and geriatric patients.  Clinical pharmacy services include visits for chronic disease state medication management (diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, asthma, chronic pulmonary obstructive disease, pain, long term needs for anticoagulation, osteoporosis, etc.) as well as procedures including spirometry and medication therapy management.

Pharmacotherapy in Administration

This is a required 6-week rotation that during which the resident will focus on identifying the leadership qualities needed to positively affect safe medication management practice.  The resident will also learn how other hospital departments focus on the needs of the patient and balance practice, by incorporating the administrative and clinical learning experiences of this rotation.

Pharmacotherapy in Pharmacovigilance

This is a 10-week extended elective that will provide the resident with experiences in medication safety.  Through this rotation, the resident will be exposed to the management of adverse drug events, medication occurrences and errors and other patient and medication safety best practices identified in a health care system.

Research and Projects

This is a required longitudinal 12-month rotation that exposes the patient to various research opportunities. Through this experience, the resident will also design and conduct a formalized research project, complete a manuscript and develop a poster.

Pharmacotherapy in Outpatient Practice

This required longitudinal 12-month experience will provide continued exposure to patients in the ambulatory care setting. The resident will attend a clinic weekly/bi-weekly.

Hospital Pharmacy Practice

This required 12-month rotation will encompass the hospital pharmacy practice requirement for the residency program.  The resident will further expand their knowledge base in medication management and through consistent exposure will develop a more independent role in hospital pharmacy practice.


This required 16-week rotation will occur during the concentrated rotation to allow the resident to have a consistent presence on the Hospitalist/Pulmonary service.  The resident will follow a select number of patients daily.


The resident will be receiving both verbal and written feedback on performance.  Written feedback is primarily conducted utilizing PharmAcademic.  The resident will be receiving feedback at the end of each rotation and will also conduct a self-evaluation as well as an assessment of the preceptor and learning experience.  Evaluations will occur quarterly for longitudinal rotations.

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