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Patient and Family Advisory Council

Hunterdon Healthcare is committed to providing the best patient care possible. Physicians and staff are experts at planning how care should be provided, but the patient and family member can provide a unique perspective. With that in mind, Hunterdon Healthcare is creating a Patient and Family Advisory Council. We want patients and family members to share their experiences so that we can improve our services. The Council will be involved in planning, delivery, and evaluation of health care that is grounded in mutual beneficial partnerships among health care providers, patients, and families. The Patient and Family Advisory Council will collaborate with Hunterdon Healthcare to improve quality of care, patient experience, and promote positive relationships/service between Hunterdon Healthcare and the community.

Candidates for the Council must have experienced our care within the last two years, have a commitment to quality, and a desire to be part of the decision-making process. Council members must make every effort to attend all meetings, which will take place bi-monthly, and have respect for confidentiality. Candidates cannot be full or part-time employees of Hunterdon Healthcare, or serve as a current board member. Hunterdon Healthcare strives to form a council of patients/families with diverse background, culture, and diagnoses.

Meetings will be every other month, 2 hours in length, with a meal included.

At this time, Hunterdon Healthcare is looking for patients who have experience with the following specialties: women’s health, Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center, surgery, neurology and parents/guardians of pediatric patients. 

Candidates should be:

  • Willing to share personal experiences in a professional and supportive manner.
  • Be interested in more than one agenda item
  • Listen to other points of view and be empathetic
  • Able to connect with other advisors and staff
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