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Visitor Policy for Maternity during COVID-19 PANDEMIC

Newborn photo of a baby girl
March 30, 2020

Updated March 10, 2022


Visitor Policy for Maternity during COVID-19 PANDEMIC


  1. Two designated support persons are allowed per patient (over the age of 18). A doula counts as the second designated support person.
  2. Support person(s) cannot be replaced by another individual.
  3. The support person(s) must be able to remain in the room at all times unless asked to leave for an epidural or emergency procedure.
  4. Both support people will be banded and must leave the band on until they will no longer need admittance to the maternity unit.
  5. The patient and support person(s) must be masked upon entry to Maternity and stay masked at all times while hospital personnel is in their room.
  6. Support person(s) who demonstrate symptoms or signs of a respiratory or viral infection will not be admitted to the unit.
  7. The support person(s) will have their temperature checked upon entering the hospital and then every 12 hours. If at any time the support person and/or doula demonstrates signs of COVID-19, a respiratory or viral infection, they will be asked to leave the unit and will be unable to return to the hospital.
  8. The patient and support person(s) may walk in the hallway as long as the patient is confirmed COVID-19 negative and all are wearing masks.
  9. Support person(s) are not allowed to accompany the patient into the triage area. They will remain in the waiting room until the decision to admit or discharge is made.
  10. Only one support person is allowed for antepartum or outpatient patients.
  11. Only COVID-19 negative mother and ONE support person will be allowed visitation to the Special Care Nursery.
  12. COVID-19 positive patients will only be allowed ONE support person and they must both quarantine in the patient room.
  13. Only one support person may stay overnight after delivery.
  14. Security will be called for any support person and/or doula that violates this visitor policy or refuses to sign this document and escort them out. They will not be allowed re-entry into the hospital.
  15. Hunterdon Medical Center reserves the right to change these policies without notice to provide safe care to our community.

Política de visitantes para maternidad en Espanol.

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