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New State-of-the-Art Beds Arrive at Hunterdon Medical Center

Pictured left to right: Marianne Sweeny,  MSN, RN-BC, CNL, Clinical Nurse Leader, 5 North Surgical Unit  and Jenna Mason,  MSN, RN, CNL, Clinical Nurse Leader, 5 North Surgical Unit, work as a team to help deliver the new beds to the inpatient floors at Hunterdon Medical Center.

January 3, 2020

There is nothing like a comfortable bed when you are sick. Hunterdon Medical Center recently upgraded to the latest state of the art, Hill-Rom Centrella® Smart+ Beds, throughout the hospital.  The Centrella bed offers optimized patient safety, superior comfort, enhanced patient satisfaction and advanced caregiver-focused technology.

The Centrella® Smart+ Bed is designed to help keep patients safe. The bed has a verbal safety alerts that caution caregivers and patients such as, “Brake not set”, “Call light not connected,” “Please don’t get up,” or “Your care team has been called.”

The beds make for a more comfortable stay for patients by putting many of their needs right on the bed. Patient bed control provides easily accessible patient adjustment of bed. A device storage area holds a patient’s personal items, including cell phone and reading materials. A USB port conveniently charges personal devices. The quiet powered air mattress provides a relaxing and restful sleeping experience.

In addition to the new beds, Hunterdon Medical Center will begin 2020 with renovations to three patient care units 3 West, 5 South and 5 North.

Below is a picture of the new Hill-Rom Bed at Hunterdon Medical Center which shows all green lights on the patient’s floor which means the siderails are set, the bed exit is on and the lowest position on the bed is set.  These are just some of the visual alerts that bed presents to alert staff.


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