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Cycling Season is here!!

a woman bicycling on a trail with trees
May 14, 2021


By:  Rita Orlans – Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Spinning, Real Ryder, Les Mills, AFAA  Certified Personal Trainer, Hunterdon Health & Wellness Centers

If you live in Hunterdon County one of the best ways to enjoy the scenery and get some fresh air and exercise is on a bike! We have lots of trails and lots of back roads to explore.   No matter where you choose to ride, you should always be safe and follow some general safety rules.

I have put together a list of basic guidelines for being a confident, safe, and courteous cyclist.

  1. Wear a helmet!! You should invest some money in this.  Get the helmet fitted on your head properly by someone in a bike shop if you’re not sure.  If the helmet is not covering your head properly, it will not protect you if you fall (the forehead should be completely covered). The helmet is the most important piece of equipment a cyclist owns.
  2. Put lights on your bike.  This is especially important if you ride on the road.  The more you make yourself visible to others the better!
  3. Wear bright-colored clothing. You want to make sure you are visible.
  4. If you are on the road you need to follow all the same rules as a vehicle.  Ride in the same direction of traffic.  Signal if you are turning. STOP at stop signs and traffic lights. Yield to pedestrians that are in crosswalks or parking lots.
  5. Get a bell. If you are riding on trails make sure your bike has a bell, it is helpful when coming up on people who are walking or running on the trail.
  6. Passing always call out “ON YOUR LEFT” before passing people that are either on foot or on a bike.  It is just common courteous cycling etiquette (do not cut people off) to pass properly and safely. Passing another cyclist or pedestrian should be on THEIR left-hand side, do not pass on the right.
  7. Stay hydrated!! Pack a water bottle, wear a camel pack or get a water cage put on your bike.  Cycling is work, on hot days you will sweat!
  8. HAVE FUN!!! Take pictures!!  Pack a snack and find a pretty spot to sit and eat.  Enjoy the smells and sounds and scenery of this amazing county we live in!!

Have a wonderful time out there!!!   Tailwinds to you all!!

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