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Know the Cost of Your Healthcare [Price Transparency]

Hunterdon Medical Center began efforts to improve price transparency several years ago with the goal to improve the patient experience. We are committed to transparency and want to educate you, so you are better informed to make personal decisions about your health and finances. To help you do this Hunterdon Medical Center has provided you with our Standard Charges and a Patient Price Estimator.

Standard Charges:

Hunterdon Medical Center embraces accountability and transparency in health care pricing. View Frequently Used Hospital Services.

In addition, we have provided the Hospital Charge Price List in a format as defined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). View Hospital Standard Charge Price List [CMS-CSV].

A Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) is a classification system used by insurance companies to standardize inpatient hospital stays. This link contains our average charges for each DRG in 2021. View DRG Avg Charges [CMS-CSV]. Your individual responsibility will vary depending on what type of insurance coverage and benefits you have. For more information about the specific cost of your care please call a representative at 908-788-6194.

*If you receive care at one of our hospital-based facilities; you may receive a facility charge in addition to a professional charge.
**The total charges of a service or a procedure will vary based on the combination of services provided, including hospital fees, physician fees, drugs, supplies ,lab tests, or radiology procedures.
***A hospital’s charge is the dollar amount that is billed to insurance companies; however, it is typically not what a patient will be responsible for paying. A patient’s individual financial responsibility will vary depending on their type of insurance coverage and benefits. Please utilize the Patient Price Estimator.

Estimate Your Cost:

The price estimator tool enables you to self-generate out-of-pocket expense estimates whether you are insured or uninsured for over 300 of the most shopped medical services. This tool will allow you to calculate your out-of-pocket costs for an upcoming procedure and generate a personalized estimate.

Tips for Completing the Price Estimate:

For the most accurate estimate, please gather the following information before starting:

  • Description of the service needed or a procedure code (This is a 5 digit CPT Code assigned to the procedure or test). If you do not have this information, contact your physician’s office.
  • Insurance Card and other policy information (if you have insurance): Member ID/Policy # or Subscriber # as it appears on the card.
  • Insurance company name, type of insurance, etc.
  • Policy coverage information such as remaining deductible, coinsurance and copay amounts, you can acquire this from either by calling your Health insurance company or by your Health insurance personal online site.
  • Please contact your insurance provider directly if you do not know this information.

Let’s Get Started:

Contact Us:

If you have questions about your estimate, please call Patient Accounts Department at 908-788-6194, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

In addition, if you need assistance paying your bill, Hunterdon Medical Center provides financial assistance to eligible patients in keeping with federal and state law. Please contact our Financial Assistance Office at 908-788-6574, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 3:00pm.

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