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Coronavirus Video Updates

Coronavirus Video Updates

April 24th: We released this video in the April 22nd Daily Update, but we feel the information is important as a stand-alone video. This video focuses on how to wear, use, and care for cloth or disposable masks.

April 22nd: Coronoavirus Update with Mr. Gavin. This is Hunterdon Healthcare’s COVID-19 Update video regarding patient volume and testing at the hospital and in the community.  In addition, this video features information on how to properly use a mask (disposable and cloth masks).

April 17th: Do Not Delay if you are having a Medical Emergency. Although we are in the middle of a pandemic, unfortunately, other emergent health issues may occur and may warrant a trip to the hospital.  It is important not to ignore warning signs of serious health conditions, such as a heart attack or a stroke out of fear of coming to the Emergency Department during the COVID-19 pandemic.

April 15th: Hunterdon Healthcare Receives New Xpert Xpress SARS-CoV-2 Test

April 10th: Update and 5 East Tour

April 6th: 5 East Tour Only

April 9th: Easter/ Passover Thoughts with Chaplain Chris Small

April 9th: MNCC Visitor’s Policy and your Experience

April 8th: Virtual Visits Explained

April 8th: Properly Putting on a Mask – Spanish Version

Explicación del proceso de acceso a la tienda (carpa) de evaluación respiratoria

April 5th: Coronavirus Update

April 3rd: Let There Be Light Community Support

April 3rd: Understanding the Process of Accessing the Respiratory Assessment Tent

April 1st: Coronavirus Update

March 30th: “You are a Hero” by Thomas Johnston

March 20th: Respiratory Assessment Tent Tour

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