Grandfather and Daughter

“Thank you, Dr. Chahal, for improving my quality of life! It is difficult to find a good doctor, let alone a GREAT doctor like yourself. For years my back pain level never fell below an eight. After just one visit, I am now at near zero pain and can walk once again. I can’t thank you enough.”
David V. 

“I am very pleased with the services that Dr. Nyitray provided. I really appreciate the fact that everyone reassured me that I was going to feel better and that they would work with me to get to the bottom of what has been causing my pain. I was starting to feel discouraged from the pain I have been dealing with for close to two months now. Dr. Nyitray exhibited true professionalism and an exceptional bedside manner in my first consultation with him. It was so nice to meet with a doctor that listened to everything I had to say. I recently had some not so good encounters with doctors who left me feeling helpless and in pain. I know that many people are often times quick to jump at any opportunity to provide feedback solely based on negative experiences. I felt it necessary to send this note of gratitude to you and the staff that I met with and provide some positive feedback. A willingness to fully listen to a patient combined with a friendly bedside manner goes a long way.”
Adam S.

“I am very happy that I have found Dr. Chahal. I was under the misguided conception that pain management meant I would be taking pills for my pain, Dr. Chahal listened to my problems, sent me for a MRI, and identified my problem. After having pain for several months, I am happy to say that I am pain free and I did not have to take any pills. The Center for Advanced Pain Management and its entire staff are just wonderful! I recommend them for anyone that has pain.
Melinda G.

“I am an active 40 year old with a degenerative disc disease. Before coming to the Center for Advanced Pain Management I’d been in excruciating pain for 20 years. Dr. Chahal has been treating my pain with epidural spinal injections and trigger point injections. Within 3 days of my first injection I was out of pain for the first time since I was 20 years old. Dr. Chahal focused on making me feel better so I could live the life I want to live. I would recommend the Center without hesitation.”
Kerry F.

“I’m a very active 60 year old – I love to surf, snowboard, lift weights and hike. When serious neck pain started interfering with my lifestyle I knew I needed to get help. Thanks to Dr. Nyitray and everyone at the Center for Advanced Pain Management I have been able to stay active while avoiding surgery.”
Thomas A.

“I had been suffering for many years with lower back pain and spinal stenosis. When I finally found the Center for Advanced Pain Management I was in excruciating pain but I knew I did not want surgery. I began getting injections and Reiki Therapy. Reiki really relaxes me and makes my pain tolerable. I give the whole staff an A+”
Marleen D.

“I am alive today because of Dr. Lapicki and the tremendous staff at the Center for Advanced Pain Management. I had been suffering for about 25 years with severe spinal pain as a result of a surgery and chronic pancreatitis. I met Dr. Lapicki 14 years ago and he was able to ease my pain using medication and injections. I’m 74 years old and am active again. I have recommended the Center many times – they are a heck of a team.”
John B.

“I came to the Center for Advanced Pain Management after suffering with severe pain for 7 years. I had undergone multiple surgeries with no success. My experience at the Center has been great. Dr. Chahal and the staff work with me to help me manage my pain holistically. But even more importantly, they talk to my other doctors and help me coordinate all of my treatments among all of my care providers.”
Alan A.

“I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Chahal. She took me under her wing. It’s been decades since I’ve been able to walk like I am. I was basically confined to the bed because I didn’t want to take the pain medication. Now I’m able to maneuver and I’m trying to discover my life again. It’s a very good period in my life. I’ve been to many orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, pain management specialists. No one could do anything except give me medication. Dr. Chahal said we’re going to do something about this pain. I can help. Boy, that was a good day for me.”
Gary W.

I have a bad back, bulging discs. I’ve been in pain for well over five years. I couldn’t even stand over the stove and cook. I would come home from work and be in tears. It was that bad. I’ve lost count of how many doctors and surgeons I’ve been to. No one could help me. I was about ready to give up. Then I decided to try pain management specialists and looked in the area and found Dr. Chahal. She was very understanding, very nice. After an extensive interview she decided the best course was to burn nerve endings. I had the process done before so I didn’t think much of it, but this time I could hug and kiss her. I can honestly say I haven’t felt this good in five years. I can do things now that I couldn’t do before.” 
Joe M.

“A lot of doctors just want to give you the epidural injection and then that’s it, there’s nothing else they can do. Dr. Chahal always had a positive attitude. She hasn’t given up. She would say if something doesn’t work let’s try something else. She’s very thorough and took her time to explain the diagnosis, procedures, recommended treatments. I’ve had years of back pain and Dr. Chahal is the first pain management doctor to really do anything. Dr. Chahal has tried new techniques for me and she really knows what she’s talking about. My experience was great.”
Hugh M.

“I was experiencing pain in my back for about a month before I went to get it looked at. I thought I would have to have back surgery. I was referred to Dr. Chahal and she gave me one shot. A month later I came back and got another shot. Now I’m pain free. Dr. Chahal explained everything. I’ve been to a lot of doctors and Dr. Chahal is very, very good. I’m going to start physical therapy soon and that’s something I wouldn’t have been able to do with the pain. Mostly, it’s nice to be pain free and be able to walk.”
Gayle C.

“I’ve been to many pain management specialists, and I was very impressed with Dr. Chahal’s whole office. Dr. Chahal’s whole team have been very good at what they’re doing. I’ve gotten good options, some that I haven’t received before. She presented options for physical therapy, behavioral therapy. I was impressed with the multidisciplinary approach. I’ve received very good care and have gotten very good results.”
Joseph B.

“Dr. Chahal was very friendly and pleasant. I came to her with shoulder and neck pain, and it is much, much better now. I am very grateful for the wonderful treatment I received from Dr. Chahal. Everyone at the Center for Advance Pain Management was very sympathetic and treated me wonderfully. I am looking forward to my follow up appointment.”
Maria F.

“Prior to visiting Dr. Chahal, I was experiencing continuous and severe pain in my lower back due to arthritis. The pain was frequently too much to bare, unless I took strong pain medication, which negatively affected my mood and clarity of thought. After some preliminary evaluations, Dr. Chahal performed a Radio Frequency Ablation to burn away several of the nerve roots in my lumbar. Almost immediately my lumbar pain was gone and life was worth living again. Dr. Chahal literally saved my life. It has been seven months since the Ablation procedure and I am still pain free in my lower back, which is expected to last for one to five years, or until my nerve roots re-grow. When the lumbar pain does return, Dr. Chahal can repeat the procedure.”
Maxine B. 

“Dr. Chahal is a caring, compassionate doctor. She is patient & includes me in my plan of care. She allows time for my questions & offers explanations for each procedure. I have suffered with extreme headaches since the age of 8, and as a 65 yr old woman, who has endured many different approaches to my health, she is the first doctor who I feel is making a difference in my total well being.”
Shirley B. 

“I thought it was important to share with others the care and personal treatment I received, and will continue to receive from Dr. Chahal and her staff of professionals at the Center for Advanced Pain Management in Flemington, NJ. Dr. Chahal took the time to learn just who I was, and what was most important to me, which was returning to work. Given the time spent with the staff, I am grateful to all those at the center (Eleanor, Sue, Angela, Eric to name a few) that were/are responsible for my recovery, albeit however long it may last. I would recommend Dr. Chahal to anyone seeking ‘hands on, ears open’ personal care.”
Gerard V. 

“I have lived with headaches for almost 10 full years now, due to a brain tumor being removed when I was 18 years old, and had a VP shunt placed in. The pain of these headaches is something that I have simply up until now just lived with and worked around. Dr. Chahal recommended we try botox to help after trying a few other options that did not work, and I was a HUGE skeptic but two days after my first treatment I woke up for the first time without a headache in years. Dr. Chahal has given me my life back and I would recommend her and the pain center to anyone trying to take your life back from the pain.”

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