Prescriptions & Renewals

Prescription Refills & Renewals

We can only help with prescription refills and renewals during our regular office hours. It is important to call for a refill at least two to three days in advance. If you need a prescription refilled, it is faster to have your pharmacist contact us, but even then, it can take 48 hours to respond to refill requests.

Test Results

As soon as test results are received, (labs, X-rays, etc.), we will contact you. If you have had a test and have not heard from us within three business days, please call our office.

Our Physicians

Donald S. Novy, MD

Internal Medicine

Gregory E. Broslawski, DO


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Event Calendar

Hunterdon Healthcare offers an array of educational events, including childbirth, healthy living and fitness classes.

Health and Wellness Centers

Where health and fitness meet to help you stay healthy at every age.

Health Resource Library

Hunterdon Healthcare is pleased to provide our website visitors with this comprehensive Health Resource Library.