How do I know if Palliative Care is right for me?

If you have serious illness such as heart disease, lung disease, cancer, kidney failure or AIDS, you may benefit from Palliative Care.

Do I have to stop my current treatment to receive Palliative Care?

No. The Palliative Care Team works with your doctors throughout the course of your treatment.

When should Palliative Care begin?

Palliative Care can begin at any time during a serious illness when the patient or family is suffering or having difficulty coping.

Is Palliative Care the same as Hospice Care?

No. Palliative Care helps people manage the pain, symptoms and stress of illness at any point in the disease process. Hospice helps those in the final phase of a serious illness. Should hospice care become appropriate, the Palliative Care Team can help make that transition, if desired.

Does insurance cover palliative care?

Most insurance plans cover all or a portion of the Palliative Care treatment received. A social worker can speak with you about any financial concerns.

How do I arrange services?

For patients in the hospital, a Palliative Care consult may be requested through the physician in charge. For outpatients, please call 908-237-7018 to set up an appointment.


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