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Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center recently added Oncology Rehabilitation to their menu of services.

Many patients with a recent cancer diagnosis and those who have gone through or are going through treatment can benefit from oncology rehabilitation. Barbara Surhoff, a physical therapist at Hunterdon Medical Center, with more than 35 years of experience, is specially trained in oncology rehabilitation and will lead the new program.

“Physical therapy is here to help people with a cancer diagnosis cope with the early, late, or long-term physical effects of treatment. Using education, manual therapy, and exercise, we strive to empower them to maintain and improve their quality of life during and following their treatments,” explained Ms. Surhoff.

Oncology rehabilitation helps to alter the effects of treatment. It can improve endurance, strength and joint flexibility and minimize cancer-related fatigue. It can also address issues such as pain, swelling, peripheral neuropathy and its effects on balance and mobility. Home exercise programs are developed and people are helped to return to their former exercise routine safely.

A treatment program can consist of:

  • Range of motion activities post surgery
  • Cardiovascular endurance training to decrease fatigue with consideration for the effects of cardiotoxic medications
  • Manual therapy and taping techniques to minimize soft tissue problems
  • Dynamic exercise training for the improvement of balance and flexibility deficits related to chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy
  • Use of specialized treadmill called the Alter G to minimize the effects of gravity to help progress conditioning
  • Education to enhance safety of exercise and reduce lymphedema risk
  • Manual lymphatic drainage by a certified professional

Ms. Surhoff will see children and adults with a cancer diagnosis.  Patients do not have to be receiving treatment at Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center to benefit from these services.  Patients can be seen before surgery, during and post-treatment to utilize the benefits of oncology rehabilitation.

Oncology Rehabilitation is conveniently located next to Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center.  Patients with Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center can coordinate their therapy appointments with their treatment appointments. To learn more, please call, 908-237-6040.

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