Children & Adolescent Services

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Hunterdon Medical Center provides Adolescent Services to help and support troubled teens. Our specialized adolescent program addresses many of the problems that are unique to this development stage.

Our highly trained, compassionate professionals offer comprehensive services to adolescents and their families. Each individual is given special attention by a multidisciplinary team, which evaluates problems and offers solutions.

Adolescent Outpatient Psychotherapy

Hunterdon Behavioral Health offers outpatient therapy to adolescents and their families. The goal is to work toward constructive, productive resolutions.

Therapy services include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

Hunterdon Behavioral Health offers an intensive after-school therapeutic program for adolescents experiencing moderate to severe problems including; anxiety, depression, mood swings, drug or alcohol abuse, aggressiveness, conduct disturbance, or academic problems. The clients served are ages 12-17. (Clients up to age 21 may be eligible if still in school.)

Youth Case Management Program

The Youth Case Management Program at Hunterdon Behavioral Health links clients and families with community resources.

Youth Case Management Services are of particular help to youths transitioning out of a psychiatric facility or who are at risk of hospitalization.

Our Physicians

Hong Chen, MD


Everett H. Hill, MD


Gem-Estelle M. Lucas, DO


Mukesh D. Patel, MD


Christine E. Skotzko, MD


Mary Ann Foley-Mayer, APN-C

Advanced Practice Nurse

Cynthia J. Tholis, NP-C

Nurse Practitioner

Kathryn A. Wall, MSN/APN

Advanced Practice Nurse

Tisha Kelly-Brown, APN

Advanced Practice Nurse

Margaret O. Akinyemi, APN

Advanced Practice Nurse

Luiza Asahme, APN

Advanced Practice Nurse

Angie C. Kim-Capone, APN

Advanced Practice Nurse

Additional Staff & Specialists

Gary L. Piscitelli, LCSW

Ellen Gantner, Psy.D

Christine Cochrane, RNC, MAS

Albert Bassetti, MA, LPC

Nancy Rumore, MS, LPC

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